Designed To Sell

8 Modules 2 Chapters 22 Lessons

About this course

Go behind the scenes at Graphic Rhythm and learn our processes for creating high converting Amazon images. 

Included in the DTS course are templates, design briefs and other tools to help you plan your Amazon listing images and communicate them to a designer in a way that gets results. 

Course Structure

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5 Lessons

Getting Started

Familiarize yourself with the terms we use and the basics of how we work

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4 Lessons

Gathering Background Information

In this module you'll do initial research and gather background information so that you are set up for success when you start planning your image content

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3 Lessons

Planning Your Image Content

In Module 3 you'll sequence your images, choose your image formulas and write your copy

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1 Lesson

Designer Communication

Learn how to communicate with your designer and get the results you expect

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2 Lessons

Inner Circle Membership Benefits

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2 Chapters

Webinars and Workshops

Pre-recorded webinars and workshops are found here

Webinar Recording 1 Lesson

Workshop Recordings 2 Lessons

Workshop Session #1 - Research and Transformation

Session #1 from our live workshop where I walked through the steps to optimize the listing images of one of our brands